Anaya Tehnocrates & Consultants

Anaya Technocrates & Consultants is a young company with experienced Engineers, started its business operation since July 2020. It provides solutions as its core competency under the leadership of Er. N.K. Jain (CEO). It has been said that if humans were intended to fly, we would have been born with wings. As it turned out, we were born with enough intelligence, resources and tenacity to build our own wings. Humankind has repeatedly demonstrated that there is no limit to what technology can do. And it’s no different in the business world. Our Company is using latest technology to help our customers respond to change and grow their business at high with new revenue opportunities. Customer can work more efficiently and develop their business effectively with the help of our experts . ATC provides the fastest way to realize the full potential of your business.
Anaya Technocrates & Consultants provides our services in different electrical fields considering commercial aspects.

Our Objective

To provides our services to customers to change and grow their business using new Technology at high with new revenue opportunities. Our Customer can work more efficiently and develop their business effectively. The main objective of the company is better execution of work for achieving efficiency gain and make company progressively self-sustainable.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative, professional and customized services to Corporates through Electrical Solutions using new technology.
  • To maintain Quality Management System as per our customer guidelines / requirements with an objective to achieve the desired quality in every activity. ​

Our vision

  • To provide viable Electrical Solutions as per ISS/IEC standards through value added services.
  • To establish our company amongst one of the largest players in all fields of our core competency.


We provide solutions based on the uniqueness of the problem after considering all its aspects carefully from all the corners. Though our team is of well qualified and experienced professionals of their field but still whenever we find that the client / solution requires the expertise beyond our range, we get services from our tie-up partners. Our ultimate aim is to provide Global Best Practice solutions to our esteemed clients.

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